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This year, 12 volunteers (including several new recruits) watched for coho spawners in lower Fauntleroy Creek between Oct. 15 and Nov. 19.  Creek conditions were welcoming and tides were nearly 11 feet or higher on many days.

Watchers documented only four fish.  Mark Ahlness claimed the first two, on Oct. 27.  Two more followed, the last lingering until Nov. 2.  None advanced farther upstream than the fish ladder and watchers saw no indication of spawning.

Attention now turns to the 14 area schools that will receive coho eggs in early January to rear for release as fry into the creek in May.

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Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, Jananuary 11, 7PM 
Fauntleroy Church 
All are welcome!

Watcher Pete Draughon used binoculars to get a closer look at spawners in the fish ladder.