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On May 31, Fauntleroy Creek volunteers hosted the last of 700 students who visited Fauntleroy Park over the past five weeks for salmon releases.  They brought 1,800 coho fry reared since January in area schools through the Salmon in the Schools program.

This week also marked the end of monitoring smolts migrating out to Fauntleroy Cove.  Since mid March, twice-daily checking of upper and lower traps documented that 32 coho smolts had survived their year in the creek, up from 19 in 2016.  They'll put on weight in nearshore habitat, then head to open water before returning to spawn in two years.

Photo is by Peggy, from the Arbor Heights release 4/28

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Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, May 11, 7 PM 
Fauntleroy Church 
All are welcome!