Salmon Lesson Plans - Grades 2-5

These lesson plans provide teachers participating in the Salmon in the Schools program with related classroom experiences for grades 2 - 5. Most plans align with Washington's 4th- and 5th-grade learning standards in life sciences, writing, environment and sustainability, social studies, and communication. Use them as-is (all pieces are provided) or to spark your own lessons that maximize learning as students steward salmon from hatch to release into the wild.

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Lesson Plans Supporting Materials
Salmon Connection PowerPoint Show
Haiku Poetry Salmon Gallery
Light, Water, Air and Camouflage Light, Water, and Air Images - Part I
Light, Water, and Air Images - Part II
Salmon Poster Form
Salmon Performance Script
Fish Biologist
Commercial Fishing Fishing Art
Salmon Presentations  
Salmon Reading Salmon of the Pacific Northwest 8 1/2 x 11

Salmon of the Pacific Northwest 11 x 17
Salmon Story Bracelets  
Stairs, Ladders and Fish Ladders  
Salmon Survival Math Worksheets  
Salmon Logs  
Salmon Survival Game