Fauntleroy Creek:
An In-City Resource for Bringing the Natural World to Life
The uplands, wetlands, riparian corridor, and cove that make up the creek system
offer a rich resource for students to explore, study, and develop stewardship
principles in a natural environment, right in the city. We welcome any teacher or
youth leader to this classroom - and your only costs are making a few photocopies
and getting here.

Thanks to a combination of grants, private donations, and volunteer effort, we are
able to provide

- a "cafeteria" of learning activities for various ages and objectives
- equipment for these activities
- on-site leadership
- ideas and support for service-learning and research projects in the watershed
- the flexibility to tailor activities to specific needs or, if a field trip isn't possible,
  to bring an appropriate presentation to your classroom.

To schedule, contact us at least three weeks prior to your preferred field-trip date.
If you haven't been here before, we ask that you arrange to come ahead of time to
get acquainted with the site.

If you select a self-guided activity, please let us know. We keep a record of how
many students use this classroom every year, plus we can tell you when other
groups are already scheduled.

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Learning Venues in
the Watershed

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For questions or to schedule, see "Contact Us."
Another resource: Salmon in the Schools