About the Watershed Council
The Fauntleroy Watershed Council dates from July 2001, when a dozen watershed residents met to establish a venue for volunteers involved with Fauntleroy Creek, Fauntleroy Park, and other natural areas in the watershed; other interested residents; and partner agencies to work toward common goals.

Watershed Council Mission
As adopted in September 2001, the Council's mission is to further restoration, stewardship, and responsible public enjoyment of the park and creek. Within that context, the Council
- stimulates discussion and action
- provides community input and perspective
- serves as a focal point for information
- speaks with a common voice for the watershed.

Any interested resident of the watershed is welcome to participate and, by so doing, is maintained on the roster. The Council has ongoing representation from Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Any creek or park volunteer, watershed resident, agency, or Council member may raise a concern or point out a need for action. The Executive Committee drafts meeting agenda and takes any action necessary between meetings. Committee members are

Peggy Cummings at 206-369-4830

Dennis Hinton at 206-937-1410
Judy Pickens at 206-938-4203
The Fauntleroy Creek watershed is located on the western slope of the West Seattle peninsula.  Roughly two thirds of the 98-acre watershed consists of well-established residential development. 

The remainder is natural space preserved by the City of Seattle, primarily as Fauntleroy Park.  The creek transports runoff and spring water to Fauntleroy Cove in central Puget Sound.